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CORE Alignment 360° Program 


Clear the slate. Realign. Get the tools that work for you.

These ain’t your typical coaching sessions.

These sessions are where you begin to give yourself the permission, the time and the space to dig deeper, to explore and to begin to uncover a different awareness. We work together to map your career blueprint, through a process that I’ve developed called TRACE.  Where we uncover guideposts that identify default or unconscious patterns of operating throughout your career.  Then we apply our learnings by working with these discoveries in context – how to work from a place of authenticity + integrity, personal accountability, establishing boundaries, energy management – providing you with tools specific to your personal needs so that you begin to work + create from a place of empowerment, transforming your career.


Re-establish connection to the body.

Office life can be a very cerebral one.  You’re at a computer, at a desk, in the same position for the better part of the day with your energy focused on mental activities.  This activity over time can begin to override your ability to pick up on the body’s subtle cues that something is off.  Part of this process is re-establishing a mind/body connection that is balanced and healthy.  These sessions are active + interactive.  It’s not only about discussing your career ­– movement + bodywork are incorporated into these sessions as well, to help rebuild that connection to your body.  In these sessions, we work to reactivate your inner guidance system.  You will start to relearn + recognize the feedback that your body is giving you so that you can begin to work + make decisions from a place that is fully embodied going forward.


Creating a plan + taking action!

What brought you to this work? What would you like to achieve for yourself? The final element is creating a plan that is in alignment with the new standard that you are creating for yourself. From this place, we will work together to create a plan of attack that is aligned specifically to you, taking to you to your next goal.


How We’ll Work Together:

  • 1 - 2HR, 1-on-1 session per week (includes approximately 30 - 45 minutes of movement/bodywork, depending on the needs of the body)

  • Entry into my quarterly Pivot + Flow group accountability sessions

  • A plan of attack for you to move through.  Access to the j.edge portal with notes + progress tracking

  • Inclusion in the j.edge Community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey of taking back their careers + transforming their lives

  • j.(edge)ucation series: preferred pricing for any additional training taken outside of the coaching program with specially selected individuals who provide skillsets that support that core learnings



  • Individuals who work in an office environment who want to feel more empowered + fully expressed in their careers
  • Individuals who want to make a career shift but are not exactly sure to where, or how to do it
  • Individuals who are considering leaving the corporate life to pursue their own paths

program enrollment beginning january 2019!

Contact me for more details!