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empowered from the inside out.


What if I told you that I thought all of us have it within us to have the lives + careers that we want.

To be able to go to work each day feeling fully rested, feeling vibrant, being turned on like a mega watt bulb, so excited to start the day. Fully knowing that whatever situation that comes at you, you are ready for it. You know that despite the chaos that surrounds you, you have the tools + the ability to take informed action — with integrity + alignment to who you are + the person you want to be in this world. You understand that it’s not just about the work. It’s about how you’re doing the work. How present you are in the task + with your colleagues. How present you are to the environment around you. It’s exciting to feel this way + to be in this space with your awareness. To be able to feel fully expressed + empowered, while feeling safe + secure, as you do so. You feel so much more engaged + joyful. This new state of being has completely transformed your life.

j.edge | xFORM

is an intensive coaching program.

This program is about providing you with the tools to navigate daily life on your terms. It’s about giving yourself the permission, time + space to foster a deeper awareness + connection to yourself, allowing action to be taken from an informed state of being, not based on the external noise surrounding you.

  • Gain the perspective, self-awareness + clarity you need to move forward in your situation empowered + on your own terms

  • Reboot your body’s latent intelligence. Learn to navigate issues + situations, utilizing a different awareness

  • Identify blocks + patterns preventing you from achieving success

find your edge.

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j.edge | xFORM

package includes the


  • Initial one-on-one Strategy Session

  • 4—60 to 90 minute One-on-One coaching sessions

  • My guided direction + full support throughout the entirety of our time together

  • 1 month support post-coaching completion via email or video conferencing

  • Program offered in 1, 3, or 6-month increments


  • Preferred pricing into 60 minute in-class bodywork/movement group sessions (booked in 6-class increments)

  • Preferred pricing into j.edge | LEVEL-UP series or events to further training or knowledge

  • Inclusion in the j.edge | COMMUNITY


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Although we as individuals continue to evolve, the structures that surround us, have not. Until those systems change, it’s important that we find ways to empower ourselves within the constructs of those systems so that we don’t begin to breakdown — addiction, unexplained health issues, weight-gain, are all examples our body’s response to the stress of these environments. It’s up to us to learn the skills needed to adapt + thrive! For us to function, as the coworkers and leaders we want + need to see! Individuals who are aware, who work with empathy, grace + compassion.
— j.