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My Mission

My desire is to empower + help support individuals in their growth + transformation by providing the space, the tools + techniques to support that journey.  To create a world of badasses who are absolutely committed to honouring the truth of themselves, their gifts + understanding what that means for them in how they choose to authentically express themselves in their lives, especially in their careers.


Cultivating True Leaders


True leadership isn't solely a responsibility that comes from the top down.  We ALL have the ability to empower ourselves + transform our careers into the careers we desire.  We ALL have the ability to be leaders, and in turn, by example, lead those around us. It's an attitude + an inner knowing that we must begin to listen to, nurture + embody every single day.

When you are ready to take on the journey of cultivating a deeper knowledge + understanding of yourself, when you are called to begin creating + working from the intention of honouring the individual that you are and how that translates into your life.  You will become — unstoppable.

This evolved understanding of yourself will begin to permeate + inform everything you do.  It will allow you to create the things you most desire in your life from a space of alignment, integrity, and ownership regardless of the form  - whether you're building your empire, navigating your career or developing a product. You are now creating a new baseline.  A new standard which you've set and + defined for yourself.


Become a force.  No apologies.


I'm not about the cookie-cutter life that's going on. That we all gotta have the job with the 'title', the car, the guy, the whatever it is you think everyone else is doing, or has, that you think you should be doing.  I get it.  I've done it, and there's another way.

When we all start embracing the uniqueness that makes us as individuals amazing + beautiful and encourage those around us to do the same, that's
when shit starts to get interesting.  That's when true transformation happens. 


That's when we start lighting up the dark.


I've begun my journey.  Now, I'd like to support you in beginning yours…



Become a Force. No apologies.
— j.

About Me

Jessica is a Coach + Strategist at j.edge | STRATEGY.  With more than 15 years under her belt as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, UX Researcher, and QA Analyst in Digital Media, Jessica has worked for such companies as MacLaren McCann, LoyaltyOne, Canwest and Alliance Atlantis.  Her experience both working with diverse project teams and mentoring gives Jessica her unique ability to connect with and understand people on a deeply personal level, allowing her to create a safe space while providing creative solutions her clients can truly utilize.

Now, Jessica is branching out and has created j.edge | STRATEGY, her own company, with a singular mandate — to help put the heart back in business.

Through her coaching, Jessica wants to help empower individuals by providing them with the tools to purposefully create their own paths in their careers — on their own terms, with heart, passion + grace.




Carmen Paterson

Carmen Paterson is a movement practitioner with over a decade of training and practicing through movement, voice, physical theatre, performance, teaching and coaching. Her work has a restorative focus with the goal to re-awaken, normalize and expand human capacity to see, sense, feel, empathize and imagine. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Performance, serves an Associate on the faculty of Canada’s National Voice Intensive and belongs to The Professional Guild and Masterclass of Embodied Practice. Carmen’s work is based in Syntonics® & Authentic Movement; and draws from the principles of Laban Movement, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Coordination Patterns®, Yoga, and Linklater Voice.