Introducing ... Stories of a Project Manager #BreakingBad


I’m SO excited!

I’ve been working on a little something special behind the scenes. Something SO near + dear to my heart, I just want to shout it from the rooftops … but alas, it’s not quite ready yet. So y’all will have to wait … just a little bit longer.

(… but if wanna little taste, then you can take a peek here ;D …)

There have been some changes taking root, grounding in … I feel a focus, a passion, and an excitement that I have not felt in a long time… and dare I say, even a wee bit playful. I haven’t even put anything out there but yet, I feel so grateful that I’m in this creative magical space right now.

My sister’s Great Dane — Zeus! He’ll always be a puppy to me. I love this dog. He’s got the biggest heart!

My sister’s Great Dane — Zeus! He’ll always be a puppy to me. I love this dog. He’s got the biggest heart!

I’ve been taking a beat out here in Sudbury this summer. And boy, did I fight it at first. Mentally, physically – my body didn’t understand the quiet. It didn’t understand what this sensory deprivation was all about … what? I’m not hearing cars + ambulances buzz by my apartment at all hours... The constant assault on my senses, replaced by puppies, the song of crickets, the birds + the rustling trees. The environment has allowed me to reconnect to myself, my body + be inspired by all the things that were allowed to gurgle up as a result of not being drowned out or numbed out. I actually missed home more than I realized. Small town girl, who left to go to the big city is actually still a small town gal at heart. Huh … who knew.

There’s always been a balancing act between heart + head, albeit, perhaps a bit of a self-imposed one, but nonetheless, it’s an energy or awareness that I’m always negotiating. I suppose we all feel that way to some extent, right? Whether it’s who you feel you are versus who you’re family feels you are, your friends or business associates… Right now, the rub is business + I’m just going to lay that down. Hence, the new name of my blog — Stories of a Project Manager #BreakingBad. There’s just something about that name, that’s so freeing, badass and a little dangerous. Just owning that gives me a sense of the giggles. Like yes! Finally. I’m shaking it off, shaking it out! Working in corporate for my entire life, let’s just say ‘I’ve seen some things, I’ve been told some things, I’ve felt some things’ … and I want to change it. I’m now giving myself the permission and the space to own the fact, that ya, as a Project Manager I may roll a bit differently. And that’s bloody OK!

Yeah, I love puzzling out systems but I’ve always been fascinated with people. I’ve always been fascinated by the body. By athletes, dancers, drummers, actors, mothers, the elderly – you name it, there is a grace + an elegance in the form that so beautiful. The body is a pretty effin’ spectacular piece of artistry. And as much as I’ve been preaching it to my inner circle about the importance of the connection between the body + business/happiness/success … (basically, fill in the blank!) I think I’m finally ready to spread the word a little bit further … 

… your rooftop or mine?! Ha! ;D

If you want to be a badass in business. Frankly, if you want to be a badass in anything, you gotta get the body on board, because then you’re working on a whole other level of mastery. You’re working in a realm where you’re developing a knowledge of yourself that can’t be messed with. Where you’re empowered. Where you can set the tone through your presence alone. Where you lead + empower others truly by example. Now THAT’s what I’m talking about people. That’s some exciting shit!

I’m not sure how any of this is gonna play out + that’s hella scary BUT it’s also juicy, exciting and I may look like a crazy lunatic … because I’m dealing with a system that is fundamentally diametrically opposed to controlled chaos about to inject into the system (insert diabolical laugh here ;D) but it’s time that I step into this fully and I believe now is the time. I’ve known this for a while but my body was not ready. It needed rest + balance which I’ve now come to understand from my time at home. I know for a fact how important this work is to the world, I know how important this work is to creating innovative badass businesses, I know how important this work is in creating the true leaders of tomorrow because I’ve been through it all myself. And I’ve never felt stronger, sexier, more confident then I’ve ever been. And it started when I started to empower myself by listening + honouring my body in a way that I’ve never done before.

#BreakingBad is gonna be fun!

Mad Love, Always,




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